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What type of application do you need?
Sometimes your needs have not been met by "off-the-shelf" applications. Sometimes this means you have to go out and develop an application from scratch to accomplish the desired tasks, and sometimes you can take an existing package and tailor it to your needs.
When to build and when to buy:
There is a lot of great software on the market today, some of this software allows you the flexibility you require and some require you to tailor your processes to fit the program. We can help you assess your application needs and find the best solution, whether it be recommending a particular software package to purchase, tailoring an existing application or building from scratch.
What types of applications has G-Squared built?
  • Mobile music recognition application for use with mobile phones
  • Document scanning and management system for paperless document storage
  • Wireless handheld application for retail stores to help them identify customers and offer them product recommendations
  • Inventory management and invoicing system for wholesalers
  • Unified messaging platform for integration of voice-mail, e-mail and faxes, as well as allowing for other telephony services (e.g. conference calling, long distance calling, etc.)
  • Content delivery system for delivering daily updates to customers via the telephone
  • ...and many others.
What can we build for you?
Contact us to talk about your website needs and how we can build exactly what you are looking for.
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Daniels Chiropractic
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Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
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