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What's it all about?
Wireless LANs (or wireless local area networks) can be intimidating. The uncertainty around security, cost, maintenance, expandability, etc. can be daunting.
What are the benefits of WLAN?
1. Very low cost of installation, especially in a fairly compact environment. It is extremely easy to attach 5-10 computers together in an office with just one wireless access point.
2. Flexibility. You can very easily move computers around without the hassle of wall-jacks and wires to get in the way.
3. Fast enough.
Wireless LAN implementations:
WLAN can be limiting sometimes. For example, the greatest tranfer speeds achievable today is 56Mbps, while wired LANs can reach over 1Gbps (that is nearly 20 times faster). Additionally, you may need to link more than 30+ computers together, which would require a more stable infrastructure such as a wired LAN.
Wide area network implementations:
Well, all this intra-office communication is great, but what about the internet and what about connecting your other offices to each other? We know the best internet service providers and leased line providers to work with, and our independence guarantees we put your needs first.
All the above:
The great part about networking is that you can put all this together to fit your unique needs. We have experts in all the above, and can tailor a solution to meet all your needs, from scale to price. Contact us now to discuss your options.
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