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What's it all about?
Most large scale network implementations today use physical wiring within the building. This is called a LAN (Local Area Network). This means that all the computers within an office are physically connected to one another via cables and wiring.
What are the benefits of LAN?
1. Very high capacity. LAN's can accommodate thousands of computers connected together with data transfer speeds in excess of several terabits (that is about 17 millions times faster than a 56k modem connection).
2. For small office installations, LAN's can be less expensive than WLAN's, but distance between computers can be an issue.
Wired LAN limitations:
For large scale implementations, LAN's can be very costly, especially if the location does not have any existing wiring in the building. Cables can be very expensive, as well as high capacity switching equipment. This can also be the case for small offices, if there is a need to install the wiring in the walls.
Wide area network implementations:
Well, all this intra-office communication is great, but what about the internet and what about connecting your other offices to each other? We know the best internet service providers and leased line providers to work with, and our independence guarantees we put your needs first.
All the above:
The great part about networking is that you can put all this together to fit your unique needs. We have experts in all the above, and can tailor a solution to meet all your needs, from scale to price. Contact us now to discuss your options.
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