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Any program, big or small...
For many small to medium sized businesses, communications is an ever growing concern. Even if it is as simple as getting two computers to talk to each other. We can provide networking solutions for all needs.
Some of the technologies we use:
  • Web technologies:
    • HTML
    • ASP
    • PHP
    • Flash
    • CSS
  • Communications technologies:
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • Short Message Service (SMS)
    • Instant Messaging Platforms
  • Portable tools:
    • PDA applications
    • WML / WAP
    • Synchronization tools
  • Intranet applications:
    • Inventory tracking and management
    • Financial tracking systems
    • Billing systems
    • Document Management systems
Contact us to talk about your programming needs and how we can build exactly what you are looking for.
Clients / Case Studies
BlindingInsight Inc.
Daniels Chiropractic
Howard Entertainment
Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
Vodafone Multimedia Ltd.

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